King Abdullah attends launch of JD12M first phase of Livestock Export Zone

His Majesty King Abdullah attended the launch of the High Health Livestock Export Zone at the Mohammadiyah Development Zone on Wednesday. A groundbreaking project of its kind in the region. In order to achieve food security and regional economic integration, the project will establish a regional livestock import market capable of re-exporting livestock, as well as supplying domestic markets with imported meats to reduce prices.

King Abdullah attends launch of JD12M first phase of Livestock Export Zone

In its first phase, JD12 million was invested in the High Health Livestock Export Zone, providing 140 direct and indirect jobs. A total of JD35.5 million is expected to be invested in the final phase of the project, creating 1,000 jobs. During the visit, King Abdullah emphasized Jordan’s importance as a regional hub for food security and the need to make the project self-sustaining.

His Majesty, accompanied by Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Ali, chairperson of the Hashemite Fund for the Development of Jordan Badia, emphasized the need for similar projects to benefit local communities and become a model for development, noting that competitive environments must be provided and quality standards that can be met at affordable prices.

King Hussein was briefed about the added value the project will have for Jordan in the livestock export market. He also was briefed on the health and safety standards implemented in partnership with the World Organization for Animal Health in order to meet export standards and receive regional recognition.

The project covers 1,500 dunums of the 50,000-dunum Mohammadieh Development Zone, which is affiliated with the Hashemite Fund for the Development of Jordan Badia. It was designed to promote sustainable development in the Badia through engagement of local communities, attracting investments, and alleviating poverty and unemployment.

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